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Aurora kept a straight face, clear of all emotion as she looked at Daniel. "If you were hit with that light and passed out, then you have it somewhere on you" she retorted calmly looking at the hunter. He then started to question her on what she was doing out here, after all her job he said to protect the civilians, and there weren't supposed to be any civilians here. A part of her was annoyed at being questioned like this, while another part impressed that the hunter had the sense to question why she was out her. Plus she couldn't blame him. The Guardian Corps had been keeping The Shadow a secret from the public. They didn't want to cause fear and panic. Which was likely what was happening now around Gran Pulse.

"I have to say Daniel I'm impressed that you had the sense to question me, not many would" she reached into the bag she kept on her upper left thigh and pulled out a scrap of cloth that was white with a grey skull that had a menacing shadow. "There are a group of people who still think like people did 20 years ago about l'Cie. Which by the way, all of us probably are now. Though the Fal'Cie that is here was supposed to still be in a state of hibernation." she put the scrap of cloth away. "They call themselves The Shadow. We've kept it all under wraps so as not to cause a panic, though people are probably panicking now." her tone was cool as she looked up at the older man. Just because she was 18 didn't mean she was nervous, "just think Daniel. When you passed out after the light hit you, did you see some fuzzy images?"

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