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Do you have the type chart for this?

Every touhoumon game use different type chart, that makes me confused.

edit: oh I got it. Sorry, will test the game out more.

anyway will you use the dex I can find here for this game?

Finish this demo (up to power plant right?) and I noticed

- No evolution shard in the game up until now. At least not what I can pick up or buy. Or maybe I just don't know.
- Many items is there that you can't pick up at all (all items in power plant, the item on Route 25, and many more...)
- The house near the west entrance of diglett cave is just wrong, I can walk all over its tiles.

One old balance issue from every touhoumon game (okay... every touhoumon game so it's not really your game's problem): Choose Marisa as starter and you play the game in easy mode basically I'm joking. But you know... seriously.

I will stop here and wait for Demo 3. My team are: Chibi Marisa, Cirno, Momiji, all level 32.
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