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    Freeze city

    Bleaz tossed his bow back in his tent and came closer to April. She started to wonder what he was planning to do with her but he only placed his hand on her head. He told her with an impressed tone that her idea wasn't so bad. "But who do you have in mind? I never hear much about this sort of thing because people are afraid to speak to a bum like me. It might not be hard for..." Bleaz asked her, calling himself a bum and stopping in the middle of his sentence. He slowly walked away and sounded kinda embaressed, why would he? Has April said something wrong?

    "Don't call yourself a bum." April said as she glanced at him with cold looking eyes. "And about who I had in mind." April looked away again. "Well... that's kinda the problem." April stared at the ground before she spoke futher. "It seems like no one has been gone missing yet." April admitted as she looked up to look at Bleaz and found out that he was taller than her. "If someone had been gone missing then I wouldn't have ended up here." April said without any trace of sadness in her tone. If she had money then she wouldn't have been here... but that also meant that she and Bleaz wouldn't have meet.

    "Searching for missing people is my source of getting money, it has kinda become my work... sort of." She said. "People usually try to find me in one of the inn's here around Freeze City to ask for my help." April sounded a little worried, there was indeed something wrong about this matter... had they found out about her secret? "It could also be that they think i'm travelling again, so let's just walk around town." April said as she walked in front of Bleaz and left his alley.