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Conor || Oak Town

The waiter returned to the table with a toasted sandwich in one hand and a bowl of Pokémon food in the other. “Enjoy my friends” exclaimed the waiter as he set the food down on the table. Then he left the table and headed off to take someone else’s order. Conor and Poliwag instantly dug into their food and finished off every last bite.

As they finished off their food, Conor leaned forward and pulled some money out of his pocket. He walked up to the counter and paid for the food they received. As they excited the restaurant, Conor looked at this watch “We still have plenty of time left Poli, want to have a sit down on one of those benches?” asked Conor as he looked down at Poliwag and pointed to some benches not far from where they stood. Poliwag smiled and nodded and with this they headed towards the benches to have a sit down.

As they sat there, Conor stared up into the sky. “I’m going to have to get strong” he thought. “I want to make my parents proud” with this Conor reached into his bag and pulled out another Poké Ball. “And you Ralts, I just don’t know how to train you, maybe someone at the Academy knows how to train you”. Conor placed the Poké Ball back into his bag, turned and looked at Poliwag. “You want to head back buddy, maybe someone is at the dorm now that can help us?” Poliwag jumped up in agreement, so Conor put on his bag and he and Poliwag made for the town exit.
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