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Zaki Halithersis

Zaki panted as he completed the fifth of the pit-traps he had been constructing, with the aid of Bello and Ryuu, in carefully thought out areas. The traps were several metres deeps, but built on steep inclines so that nobody was likely to suffer any terminal injuries - despite the traps being hard to escape. He had then criss-crossed thick but week vines over the traps in a lattice pattern before covering the vines with leaves and sand to camouflage them.

He had spent his morning laying traps with the aid of his pokemon - the majority of which were pit traps, snares and a few Toxic Spikes in critical locations. Zaki had found he had an uneasy feeling all morning, a side affect of his nightmare made worse by the strange absence of trainers bar the ones he knew were hiding in a cave near his.
This is very strange...

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