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okay, 8 places left, as I've reserved a space for me and my friend

Name - Yuki

Age - 15

Personality - Yuki cares a lot for is family, and as allways wanted the best for them. He hasn't had that many friends in life, so his social skills aren't very good. He will talk to his friends as he would with his family, and cares for them as much as his family, so parting from them brings him great pain. He often finds himself dozing off, or daydreaming, as he usually forgets about whats happening in life. When it comes down to battling, Yuki is quite suttle, and doesn't get competitive. When he loses, he sees it as a chance to get better, and when he wins, he doesn't get too overjoyed, but a smile, and a hug for his pokémon is enough.

History - Yuki was born in the orange island, island 1, and grew up their. After a terrible fire storm caused by a large flaming bird pokémon, Yuki and his family were forced to move out and onto island 2. On island 2, he struggled to make new friends, and was often picked on for his hair colour. (ginger) Soon after, e found the courage to face up to is bullies, with a few wild pokémon he had befriended, and people thought he was cool for a while after that. Later on, wen Yuki was 12, he and his family moved to Goldenrod city in search of work for his Father, who was still struggling with the new laws. In GoldenRod when Yuki was 13 he found a bag of empty pokéballs in the street, and decided to catch some pokémon to make his father proud, however, upon returning he was slapped for being ignorant, as his father was scared of being sent to jail. Yuki didn't blame his father for it, he blamed the law's, and after hearing about the Jhoto league, he took it upon himself to free his mother and father from the terrible life they live.

description - Yuki is around the average hight, and has green eyes. His hair is ginger, and messed up, and of quite a length, although as it is styled it doesn't look bad, but actually quite good. He wears a black top and over it, a blue bodywarmer. He hates jeans and wears red chino's instead (thin red pants basically) He wears converses on his feet.


Team - (4 maximum)

Pkmn 1 species - Ampharos
Pkmn 1 nickname - Wooly
Pkmn 1 moveset - thunderbolt, echoed voice, cotton guard, signal beam

Pkmn 2 species - Eevee
Pkmn 2 nickname - Light
Pkmn 2 moveset - Iron Tail, take down, hypervoice, synchronoise

Pkmn 3 species - riolu
Pkmn 3 nickname - Luke
Pkmn 3 moveset - Force palm, metal claw, poison jab, shadow claw

OMG i just noticed bu i didn't add a description section. I'll have to do that now...