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    Jericho Godbane
    Ruins of Oerba: Questions

    Daniel shouted something incomprehensible, then continued attacking the monster in its weaker spots. He held out his hand, and a grey orb spewed forth from his hands. Woah. I tried holding out my hand too, but nothing happened. Oh, well. It was worth a try. Daniel's attack certainly got the Behemoth's attention. I heard him shout, "That's right, beast. You will fight me!" or something like that. Daniel leaped into the nearby house and disappeared into it. The behemoth crashed into it. It was a good whole minute before Daniel came back. He sustained a huge wound across his chest. He sat on the ground, panting.

    "I don't even have energy for introductions," he said. The girl butted in, however, with her introductions.

    "I'm Aurora, member of the Guardian Corps. What are you civilian's doing out here?" she said. I was about to answer that I was searching for the crystalline ghasts (who knows? Maybe she has a lead) when she packed her weapons and showed her uhhmmm.. tattoo? "Do you guys have marks like this now?" I started to check my body when the sun suddenly dimmed. Or went out. The latter was more appropriate. Images started flashing in my eye, although I'm not quite sure if it was a hallucination, or real images I am seeing. Either way, there was a symbol, then a fire. It cycled between the two images, then the sun appeared again. That is a crazy experience. Jericho slung Grimaxe back.

    "Hang on a sec Aurora now why is a guardian corp member all the way out here?Last time I checked your job was to protect civilians, and it doesn't look like there are any out here. Well except for those two guys, and I doubt the big one needs much help," Daniel said, his words streaming continuously. "Unless there is something out here that is dangerous to the public. Is it a military weapon? Does it have something to do with those marks, or why I could take damage that easily? I think us civilians deserve at least a few answers." Daniel continued and spoke something about being a hunter, and his willingness to help, and all. Surprisingly, he managed to introduce himself in the end. Funny little guy. The gal, Aurora, answered. She mentioned something like l'Cie and Fal'Cie. And also something like Shadow.

    "Just think Daniel. When you passed out after the light hit you, did you see some fuzzy images?" She asked the gunblade- possessing guy. Jericho decided it was time that his voice be heard.

    "Jericho Godbane, blacksmith. I guess, I am part of this now, right? Well, I for one saw some images, though none of it makes sense. Fire? Symbol? I mean, come on. What does that mean? Also, it seems you're well versed on what happened here, Ms. Guardian Corps. Mind telling us what happened? I had no care in the world when l'Cie's started popping out, so I really have no idea what they do, or what they even are. As for the symbol," I checked my arms, and legs. "I don't think I have one like that, but I am not positively sure. Who knows, maybe I got the symbol up my arse," I left it dangling. "Anyway, Daniel asked all my questions barring one. Have you seen any trail of crystalline ghasts around here? It's my topmost priority right now, you know." I'm pushing my luck. But what the hell. Crystalline ghasts are one in a lifetime.

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