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Hello, pretty people :)
Here's your scoop on Chapter 1... and by that, I mean it's the whole thing xD
EDIT: You shallnt post in the IC (which gimmepie just submitted) until I post Chapter 1 in it. Thank you very much for your undertanding.


Chapter One

Body Switching, I mean... Not... Body Switching.
Theme Song

Heights High School
We Are So Much Better Than Sliced Bread

Welcome, average Joes and uncle Bobs, to your simple and regular High School! Heights High School is your regular school to be, but it still offers plenty of awesome things to do for you all hip and cool dawgs out there! ... That's how y'all hipsters speak nowadays, right?

Just like every school, there are classrooms, in which you'll find teachers. I know, it's really amusing. But these classrooms are not only for boring lectures and to pretend to be studying! They are also where club meeting are held! ... They do that in other schools? Seriously? God. Dam it.

Well, if you like all those other school better, then why don't you go go to THOSE schools?! Wait... No, No, No, Don't Leave! I was kidding!

Okay, it's good you're still here, because Heights High School has still plenty of stuff to offer, let's take an inside look in the building, if you may:

The structure is very simple. The color scheme is nothing big, either. Once inside, you'll see wide hallways extending all across the building. Classrooms dotted by the sides, as well as those tiny personal spaces referred to as lockers. The door to the principal's office is one of the first ones when you enter. But you, of course, don't want to go there. Because plot devices.

Some benches here and there in the back of the building. Larger-than-normal doors leading here from several spots of the school. Bathrooms and whatnot.

But today is a very special day. It is the first day of the mysterious and exotic Wings Program. All clubs have gathered in a classroom each, and joy has spread across the school. That, and screechy, horrible renditions of Firework by Katy Perry within the music club.

You are all unaware of what is about to happen. And your supervisor will gently greet you as you head into the Debating Club. Chance are you've never met any of your clubmates, but one never knows for sure.

You shall all go around as per usual, discussing social topics of relevance such as Obama and Nicki Minaj. Heartseed will soon introduce himself. It is after this point that the first of many phenomena will plague the scene.

This phenomenon in particular is about Body Switching (See OP for information on how each of these phenomena will be played out). Although, to be honest, body switching may not be the most accurate of terms since your bodies will remain exactly where they are - it is your souls that will be swapping.

This to say that one moment you may be in your body in the club room but in the next you are in another persons as they catch the train to take part in the program, or a penguin, either works fine.

Each switch can last from 15 minutes to an hour IC and they don't have to be between two RPers. You may as well ignore this tiny fact and go all body-swap-extravaganza with your fellow players. As many as four people can be swapped at a time. Do not that only the members of the Debating Club will be affected by this phenomena. Apparently you all have special rights of sorts (oh, how jealous you make me feel!).

So, in order to clarify how you'll proceed:

Firstly, you introduce your character in the RP. You can then create clubs other than the Music club, in case you want to add a little something to your posts. You shall not enter this clubs, but you may interact with their members if so you wish.

Secondly, once in the Debating club, you will wait for gimmepie to post as Heartseed, after which the phenomena begins.

Lastly, the phenomena will end once gimmepie deems it appropriate.

And remember, when in trouble, sing along to Katy Perry!

"Baby you're a Firework!
Come on let your colors burst!"

The theme song, well... I'm sure it'll have something to do with the chapter soon! xD You see, the point of this chapter is (supposedly) to have you value your own traits and be emphatic about others as well... I think :p

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