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    I just put up a Kiba post in E&S (Which would be some years before this RP) that embodies him pretty well when put under deadly circumstances. You probably won't understand a whole lot of it, but if anyone is interested in that long read, be my guest!

    ∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
    Leviathan's Bastion - Holding Area

    Chapter Three: Part Seven
    The Road Less Traveled

    "Avaith," Kiba started, glancing at the surroundings, the charging beast of a man, and Avaith. He quickly picked up Avaith, placing the Quilava over his chest, resting at the opening of the Kimono. "Avaith, I have a plan, please, do exactly as I say." He closed his eyes, holding both arms out to each side. "I can do this... I can do this..." He felt his energy feeding into each palm, swirling slowly.

    Ki watched the screen intently. "No doubt the others have seen this. We need to inform them as well." Ki led Z and Amber to Shadoan and the rest. "Shadoan, Avaith is down there. Kiba is with him." He clutched Shadoan's shoulder lightly, looking to the rest of the party to ensure that they know he is speaking to the entirety of the group. "We can't do anything to help, it's far too dangerous. All we can do is watch and await the outcome."

    Z frowned. "I can feel it... That man has intense power within..."

    Amber sat quietly, motionless for probably the first time.

    Ki clenched his other paw, watching the screen with sudden intensity. "He's... He's doing it...!"

    "Avaith, I want you to burn as hard as you possibly can, don't worry about me! Ready... Almost... ... NOW!!" At Kiba's command, the Quilava bursts into flames, scorching Kiba's torso, causing him to cringe, and yet, feeding more and more energy into each palm. Brilliant indigo balls of energy formed in each hand, expanding and swirling, raising in power and intensity as Kiba's body continued to sustain damage. The man was closing in, faster, and faster... "HHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Kiba swung both hands forward, catching the dark figure's torso right before impact, and blasting him far backward with the energy in his palms. The man flew and in an instant crashed into a wall behind him, followed by a crash onto the floor. He remained motionless.

    Kiba's hair covered his eyes, as he panted and heaved for air, a contented grin on his expression before he fell backward, collapsing onto his back, too exhausted to move his body. "We did it... Together..." He panted and grinned still, weakly placing a hand on Avaith's head, stroking his neck and back lightly. "Thank you... For the help..." He watched, eyes widening, as the man, struggling, was able to get up once again. The man began to limp, speeding up into a walk, a run, a full sprint...

    As he neared the two, charging with all of his strength, he was immediately stopped and toppled backward. Mello had appeared, building a psychic wall of hot pink energy, blocking and preventing the battered man from getting through. He got up, and looked about to charge, when a second character laid a hand on his shoulder. He looked to Kiba, and formed a menacing, cruel grin.

    Kiba felt his entire chest ache in an ice-cold pain. It was the man who had attacked them before, who launched the attack that nearly killed Kiba... The Green Trainer. Kiba watched in horror, as he led the larger man away, and the two simply... Escaped. No words came from that group.

    The rest of them watched the entire scene unfold from the televisions, Kiba's attack, the man's retaliation, Mello's protection. Ki stood immediately. "It's... Over. I'll go retrieve them." He quickly left, rushing to the scene just as the video feed ended on the televisions. He lifted Kiba, though after glancing at Mello, and then Avaith, he lowered Kiba's body and let Avaith down. He rose once more, glancing at the camera for a moment, before speaking to the two. "Mello, Avaith..." He started, giving them both a look of insight and knowledge. "The camera feeds have stopped, and the Springs are entirely vacant." With that, he rushed Kiba back to the room, resting Kiba on a sofa. "I'm... Shocked, to say the least. Even I couldn't have thought of something like that. However, maybe you can try the Aura Sphere without nearly killing yourself."

    Kiba chuckled, though winced. "An Aura User's energy increases the nearer they are to collapse... I had one shot, and it had to count..." He began to frown though. "The man escaped... And worse yet... The Green Trainer left with him... He's back."

    Ki frowned as well. "This isn't good news for us in the slightest... No doubt he'll be seeking us out later." Ki turned to Shadoan. "Avaith is safe... He and Mello are alone now, as it should be."

    Z approached the sofa, holding her hands over Kiba's body. "This is where my abilities become useful... Sit still, please." A glow trailed down from her hands to Kiba's figure, slowly healing the burns and scrapes he had suffered.

    "O-ow," Kiba winced.

    Ki watched her quietly. "Heal Pulse...?"

    "Mm-hm," she nodded, focusing on what she was doing.

    "I see... That will be a great asset for us all... Especially you, Kiba." The Lucario smirked.

    "H-hey," he chuckled, though immediately cringed. "Ow!"

    "Sit still!!" Z snapped.

    "A-Ah, Sorry!" Kiba exhaled and relaxed his body. He squinted at Ki, who simply chuckled to himself.

    Mello watched them leave, quietly. She knew immediately what he had meant by that. "He means to say that people will be crowding here soon, and that we can talk privately in the Springs..." She frowned quietly and began to head toward the springs. "I don't know if you want to talk or not, but I'll be in the springs anyways..." With that she left for the springs, resting in one of the pools of hot water, closing her eyes in an attempt to relax.

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