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    Brian chuckled a bit and smiled as Lucia bragged about Roberto. He smiled warmly, seeing Mark and his pokemon.

    "I dunno, Mark is a great battler and Snype is really tough. Last time I batted him Thyme was almost beaten. I think Snype will be alright." he said, waving at Mark. Thyme was busy with Snype, as expected. Even Brian could see her softened and gentle expression. Duster was... Exploring Mark's Pokegear. Brian had to admit he was a tiny bit jealous, but it was fine. and Leena was...

    "BOO!" she shrieked, floating out of the bag. Brian yelped and almost fell off of Nova's back, then frowned as Leena laughes merrily, floating around him. Thyme was ignoring Leena and held Snype's hands.

    "If it's that particular Scizor, then he needs to be taught to respect a lady. He has a hard head, but I am sure you will win." she said softly, turning around to face the others. Nova walked over to join the others and looked around.

    "Hey Mark, how is it going?" Brian said in a friendly voice. Leena floated to him, and he grabbed and hugged her, making her giggle and phase through him after a minute
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