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    Blaez Lee - Streets of Freeze City

    "If someone had been gone missing then I wouldn't have ended up here." April said seeming satisfied with his presence.

    Blaez stopped in place shot her a slight grin before continuing onward. Apparently she was having a good time. Blaez couldn't do much for her but still she was the first companion he ever had. He zoned out for a moment, deep in thought about how he could repay the favor.

    "It could also be that they think I'm traveling again, so let's just walk around town."

    As they made their way around town, Blaez's mind drifted off to thoughts of how the world outside of this city would be. He had never thought of actually leaving this city but he never had enough money to do so and also he felt his purpose in this town wasn't fulfilled yet. Maybe this would never change but his curiosity was triggered by the fact April hinted she had traveled outside of town.

    Blaez didn't know where to go but he just kept by Aprils side at a distance as they patrolled the city for work. Just before he was about to ask April about her travels, a short and slightly chubby, teenaged boy with a dirty face ran up to April hurriedly with an upset look.

    "April-san!" he said in a tone suggesting he had at least spoken to her before. "My mom and dad have been looking for my little sister for a few days because she ran away from home and we haven't seen her in ages. We could really use your help. Mom even said she was willing to give anyone who found her 10,000 yen. It's not much but..." the boy nervously looked at his feet.

    "She's been missing for a while and Dad is too sick to help find her." He said while nervously playing with his fingers and then looked up again.

    He seemed tired, as if he had been looking for a while by himself and he seemed not to pay Blaez any attention at first. After he finished requesting help from April, however, his eyes flashed over to Blaez and then he looked back at April. Blaez winced as if the act was a physical attack against him. At least they found a potential person to help.