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    Primrose Rawlins

    "I... Look, I'd like to know if you'll be following me on the path to Paradise... If you are, you might want to 'find' some essentials... Long-lasting food, bedding, and anything else you might require. But nothing for me... I'll explain that some other time, if you do choose to go... But it's really important. It could be months in between towns, at worst." Teashi said to her and she glanced back and nodded before running off. She made her way through the alley's until she reached the center of town.

    I have bedding already in my 'home', just need flint, some long-lasting food, and might try to find a warm coat she nodded again as she looked around at the different shops. She normally stuck to the places closer to her, and didn't venture here much. Mainly because the orphanage was near here and constantly sending people to look for her. People she always bribed into staying silent. But the places here were good for finding long-lasting items. She just hoped her stealth was up to par on not being caught.