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    I'm in the process of creating a hack of pokemon leaf green called Pokemon Orre Reborn.
    You play either as a young boy named Isa or a young girl named Ilia. You start off in your hometown which is called "Refuge Beach" at the moment. The Orre region has been taken over by the evil Cipher organization. You have to try to blend in a bit in this region because you're not supposed to leave your home. Refuge Beach is where the people who made it out of the watch zone of Orre (pretty much everywhere ) Cipher cannot make anymore shadow pokemon due to the last protagonist (Michael/Whateveryounamedhim) and his destructive.....I mean heroic habits. They don't have the equipment to make anymore yeah... they're a lot more powerful than before because of their training time. (This game takes place 8 years after the events of XD Gale of Darkness...) Instead of Pokemon Gyms, there are Cipher Battle Factions meant to train upcoming Cipher members. There are 8 of those....Then you have the Cipher HQ and the ultimate test of becoming an Admin in Cipher. (You don't really get to BE in're just there to kick their butt)
    Starting out in Refuge Beach, you have a NICE sized mansion-like house thing, and your neighbor doesn't (lol)... Your family has been great in keeping Refuge Beach hidden and providing work opportunities to the people that live there... In Refuge Beach, you'll find the flamboyant Professor Sylvn Pine who provides you your first an Eevee..In the back room of the Prof.'s lab, you will find a training type room with the lovely Justy who used to control the PreGym in Orre. You can battle Justy for some good battling experience. (NOTE: All battles are double battles...Except for wild pokemon ones...) You will travel across Orre with your Eevee in search to find all 8 Cipher Battle Factions and obtain their Seals (Wisp-Fire, Hiroto-Fighting, Aphidia-Bug, Eidolas-Ghost, Typhuun-Flying, Aerial-Psychic, Malefa-Dark, and Blossom-Grass). After you collect all 8 seals, you would surf across the ocean to find the Cipher HQ on Citadark Isle where you would take on 4 (err....well...5) Cipher Admins to advance to Cipher's new boss. The Cipher HQ's admin battles are 1.Lovrina, 2.Miror B, 3.Ein, and 4.Ardos and Eldes... The first 3 fight with their teams from XD/Colosseum and the 4th battles with a combination of their pokemon... After you beat Cipher's leader, you can catch Celebi in Agate is a little bit of my hack thingy so far. My mind won't let me remember the