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Actually, it's fine to use subtitles rather than voice, especially if the game has an atmosphere that would be ruined by commentary running over it.

Since you did decide to do subtitles, I have a few words of advice. One is to change the font to something a little easier to read. I guess you were trying to match the game's font, but your subtitles run sometimes over white, and white-on-white is a rather difficult to read. Especially when your subtitles go by rather fast. Give the viewer some time to read what you're saying.

Also, how are you recording this? Your audio became out of sync with the visual, which was weird to watch.

I haven't really seen a lot of subtitled video LPs, so I can only give the basic advice. Those are the main things about subtitled LPs, though. A good font, and time to read what you're saying. If you fix that and the syncing issues, this will be good, and more people will watch it. Good luck!
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