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Thanks for reposting your profile and zanpakuto, Aemirch.
I edited the first post a couple days ago to reflect the changes.

Well, I quite liked this week's chapter.
It was a real good transitional chapter.
Plenty of good teases, I wonder where the next chapter will pick up first.

First day of Phoenix Comicon, I met a Kisuke Urahara cosplayer.
Her costume was Urahara as captain from the TBtP arc.
She even had a pretty detailed sword to go along with her outfit.
I'll probably post pictures on Monday.

Also, I'm going to tease by telling you that I bought a replica of Bleach character's zanpakuto.
Whoever can guess which zanpakuto it is by Monday will get a cookie from Smile's stash, and some of Min's candy.