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I beat Red with a pretty good team i think
Lv. 95 Tyhplosion named Blaze,
Moves: Blast Burn, Flamethrower, Eruption, Shadow Claw
Lv. 88 Dragonite
Thunder, Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, Fly
Lv. 70 Gyrados named RED because he is shiny
Hydro Pump, Surf, Hyper Beam, Fire Blast
Lv. 69 Tryanitar named Rocky
Stone Edge, Earthquake, Rock Climb, Dark Pulse
Lv. 60 Golduck
Waterfall, Hydro Pump, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch
Lv. 59 Luxray named Volt
Thunder Fang, Crunch, Thunder, Discharge
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