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    Jericho Godbane
    Ruins of Oerba: Questions II

    The other guy with the gun, although a lot younger than Daniel, introduced himself as Ezra. “We should leave soon, unless you're ready for round two with that beast.” Ezra said. While not wounded himself (well, compared to our comrade Daniel) Ezra seemed too tired already, despite entering the fight against the Behemoth during the latter part. Jericho felt a shortness of breath himself, but he's done his traveling time.

    Daniel stood up and looked for something. While he was away, Jericho decided to take the time and address the group. "Ugh, can someone please explain what an l'Cie is? I mean, yes, I know what they are, but what do they do? And are we one?" Daniel came back holding his bag and a shirt, which he immediately wore upon reaching the group. "It looks like, other than the bear of a man, you two are fairly young. I know you're a soldier. But what about you Ezra? Are you a runaway or something? You can't be older than 18, no way. If you are, don't worry about it, I ran away as well," Daniel seemed to just address Jericho as "the big guy" or other rewording of the said phrase.

    "Ugh, Daniel. I told you I'm called Jericho Godbane. Get it," Jericho said.

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