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    Come to me, crash for me, and sink into my sea...

    Things had been unusually calm for Boyce LeBreau since his arrival at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. No, despite his constant array of nerves and a tendency to burst water bottles, things were pretty calm. His roommate was more of a nervous wreck then Boyce, which was a surprise to him, and the combination of the nerves between the two of them had cause quite a few interesting issues. That was just one side of things, however. Boyce had done his share of wandering around the campus since he had arrived, finding the water sources and doing his usual water tricks to pass the time. Xavier's was a drastic change, albeit a good one that had taught Boyce a certain comfortable calm within himself. Around every corner and in every room in the mansion there was a different story to be told, with a rainbow of different powers and abilities. There were no soccer fields, nor were there any baseball diamonds to make Boyce more familiar with his surroundings. Sure, if he looked hard enough he was sure that he could find one... Did he want to, though? This was meant to be a new beginning for Boyce; it was meant for him to finally embrace the powers that had manifested inside him at 17, with no more running. No more fear.

    So here it goes.

    It was finally here: Orientation day. There had been ample amount of time for Boyce to read over the syllabus, and that was just what he had done. When he wasn't trying to get a grip of his powers, he was reading and trying to prepare himself for what the new journey was going to be. There was a constant stream of mutants all over the grounds, some that he recognized and some that he did not. Of the mutants he saw, there was no way for him to know which would be his future classmates. Did that make Boyce nervous? Absolutely. He had always been shy, but the nerves now were worse. Water bottles were bursting left and right, showers were malfunctioning in his presence, and if there was a tidal wave that was going to wipe away part of Xavier's... Boyce would probably be behind it. Boyce's aqua manipulation was beginning to make more sense to him, but there were still things that he didn't (and probably wouldn't) get when they happened. For one, Boyce could stop the water around him from swirling into anything major if he was calm, but in any cliche, that went up the creek when he lost his temper. He was in every sense lethal around water. Could that be helped?

    Dressing himself in his array of bright colors, Boyce had to take a deep breath. He could hear the bottles of water exploding in the mini fridge, his cheeks turning a rosy red. Would this ever end? His roommate was not around, and he hadn't truly seen him for a few days anyway, so for now he wouldn't deal with the water situation. The green shirt he had on matched his eyes, at least for the moment, and the rosy red color slowly left his cheeks. It wouldn't be that bad... Right? And if it did, well, there were more experienced mutants around to get things under control if it got to bad. Boyce was in good hands. Hands he didn't know, nor that he was familiar with, but for now it would have to do. New world, new beginning, new everything...

    "Just breathe, Boyce. Get yourself together partna."

    The walk from his dormitory room to the classroom for orientation was a short one. Along with a bottle of water for comfort reasons, Boyce was slowly finding his way into a quieter and calmer zone in the mental side of things. Passing mutants would speak, and although he would nod his head and smile, that was all his nerves would allow. He had his syllabus papers clinched tightly in his left hand, his water bottle in his right, and his focus had him roaring full-steam ahead. His thoughts were a jumbled up mess, almost like the ocean in the middle of a perfect storm... From his wardrobe, to his hair, to his accent, to his instructor... There were so many things to process and Boyce was barely processing any of them. In terms of his instructor, her (at least he thought it was a her) name was listed at the top of the syllabus. Emigre. It was an intriguing enough name, right? Boyce himself had decided to go back to his French-Cajun roots, donning himself with the name Les Ouragan, or "The Hurricane". It had just felt right, after the comedy of events that occurred his senior year. Yes... The Hurricane he would be indeed.

    "Hello? Is anyone here? I do believe I'm in the right place...?"

    And that was when he noticed. In all his marveling of the classroom upon his arrival, he had ignored that there was indeed someone present. Someone rather peculiar, in fact. Surely his eyes were playing a trick, right? There was a black mass. A sharply-dressed, feminine black mass... Definitely female, yes. Was she the instructor? Emigre? Oh boy, the range of emotions were building back up, toxic to his pulsing veins. He could feel his chest beating faster, and he could feel the water pulsing inside the bottle into a tiny, compartmentalized typhoon.


    "I've already managed to bust another bottle... Joy. If... Okay, hi. Hi there... Boyce Le-LeBreau. I'm Boyce. Or, well, if you'd prefer to call me something else, I'm Les Ouragan. The Hurricane, partna."

    It was with that frail speech that Boyce took his seat, swirling the spilled water into the air and off of the floors of the classroom. It wasn't an attempt to showboat by any means, but it he was going to make a mess... Well with his abilities, why not clean it up? Not that swirling it in mid air, above his head like a lasso was "cleaning up". Yes... The southern in Boyce was ringing out in all it's glory. No one else was around. Well, unless that WAS a person. He might as well talk while there were no nerves to stop him...

    Boyce LeBreau, ladies and gents.
    SICK-AH-NING, hunty.
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