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    Alice Crenshaw
    Pokémon Center (Room 5)

    As the red-haired girl slept, the Gastly that had been giving her a horrific nightmare was hit in the core by the Skitty's Zen Headbutt. Since it was its weak point, it was a critical hit and the gassy Pokémon was very weakened. It used the little energy it had left to make a run for it, going through the wall like all ghosts, however it fainted upon reaching its trainer.

    The boys looked at each other and gulped down, without saying a word. After one of them returned the Gastly, they both stared at the girl, with their cheeks still red as a Tamato Berry, then ran off as fast as they could.

    The screaming shadows suddenly vanished, and Alice could see the forest again. She sighed in relief and took some deep breaths to calm down. She got back on her feet and attempted to walk, but she felt too weak. She collapsed on the ground and her eyes closed.

    Alice started to move around in her bed. The air felt a lot more clean and clear to her, and she felt warmer. Her eyes slowly opened, and she found herself on a bed, all covered by blankets almost in the same way as she was back in her room earlier that day. She looked around, confused, as the headache returned and she narrowed her eyes.

    "Ugh...Whe...Where am I?" she said, rubbing her eyes.

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