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Chapter 7
Far into the future, 500 years to be more accurate, four young girls attended the same junior high school as Kagome. They were known as Keiko, Rachel, Saki and Kelly. The four were long time friends and felt they were more like sisters than best friends. They did everything together. No one could understand why the girls were always like 'joined at the hips', but if they knew the real reason, chaos would probably ensue. The girls were not the average teenage girls with normal teen behavior.

Beneath their young looks was something inhuman. They actually were not human by any means. All four of them were demons but well hid themselves as in the world they lived in was not like the world their ancestors lived in. Back 500 years ago, demons and humans lived side by side but often had conflict with one another. Now it wasn't like that. Humans 'ruled' the world and demons lived amongst them, posing as humans. They did quite well in masking their demon aura from people who still had a strong sense of feeling strange auras.

It had been a few days since the four girls found out something about their past and the piece of information they were informed was about a threat that could wipe out their entire family. Well all expect for Kelly's. Unlike the other three she didn't have a family. She had no memory of her family, making her an orphan. Her first memory was being found in the woods by her three friends, after being unconscious. Ever since then the friends helped each other out whenever possible.

Since learning of this pending threat, the girls had decided to do something about it. They were going to find a way to the past and correct the mistake before their families were to be destroyed. Kelly was going to go along to keep them company. But how were they going to get there, that was the big question. Each one, after school, would try and figure a way and finally a way was found when Keiko went up and told them to pack up they were leaving that night.

"How are we getting there again?" Kelly asked, repacking her things after getting to Keiko's home and stuffed her bag with other things from her friend's home.

"Through the well in Kagome's shrine of course," Keiko grinned.

"Her well? But isn't it just a well?" Saki wondered.

"Nope," Keiko said. "I've been doing a little gigging and have learnt Kagome isn't actually sick like her grandfather keeps saying. I sense demon aura around the well and last night overheard the old man talking with his grandson and daughter about when Kagome will be home next. While listening, I overheard them say it's a transportation to the past."

"That doesn't sound quite right," Kelly said, a little nervous as she stuffed her bag.

"Well according to a guy I came across right when I tried to leave, he confirmed it to me."

"How? And what did he look like?" blinked Saki.

"He dropped something down the well, which disappeared in a blue aura. He wouldn't tell me who he was. He wore a cape and had his face covered," Keiko explained.

"Also..." Rachel looked over at Kelly. "Why are you packing so much stuff, Kelly? We aren't going to be there for months?"

"I want to be well prepared. You never know what could happen out there," she grinned. She got up but then fell over onto her back, looking like a turtle that fell on the back of their shell. It would appear her pack was too heavy.

"Told you, you were packing too much stuff," Rachel told her as she and Saki helped her up.

"Ok, fine," Kelly sighed. She removed her bag, with Rachel's help; from her back and started removing some of the less important things they've need.

Rachel's eyes were full of wilderment, seeing what the teen was pulling out. They had no need for all that junk. Just as Kelly went to re-zip her bag, Rachel used her demon speed, pulling out a Nintendo DS and then gave her a questionable gaze.

"What?!" Kelly snatched the game back. She pouted for a moment as Rachel crossed her arms, tapping her foot, giving the 'I'm getting impatient' look. "Awww, can't I take my Nintendo DS at least. I still need to beat Pokemon Black 2."

"Kelly!" Rachel yelled, stomping her foot.

"Ok, ok I get it." Kelly sat her DS on the coffee table, "I'm going to miss you so much my cute little pink DS." Then she kissed the screen and sat it back down, getting a strange look from Keiko, who then just shook her head.

Once all packed, the girls then grabbed their bus passes and left Keiko's house heading down to the nearest bus stop that would take them to Kagome's block. It actually was for that reason the girls met up together at Keiko's as the bus stop was just a block from her and the bus would take them directly to Kagome's home.

Arriving at the stop, there was a bench for them to sit at to wait. They knew they had some time to spare. Keeping up with the appearance, the girls kept their school uniforms on, indicating they went to the same school as Kagome. Unfortunately they had to wait nearly thirty minutes, before the bus finally pulled up, letting them in. Each girl showed their bus pass to the driver before walking to a seat.

A young boy with a couple of his buddies looked at the girls and began to wink at them. The girls rolled their eyes, pretending to ignore them.

"So where you cute looking girls off to?" one of them asked.

"Higurashi shrine," Keiko told him.

"Mind if we join you?" another asked.

Kelly swiftly around, glaring. "Not unless you want me to cut your balls and feed them to the pigs?" she snapped.

The young boys suddenly lost their humor as the first boy sat back, closing his mouth in a hurry. "Sorry we asked."

Kelly turned, giving her friends a smug look. "And that's how you shut boys up."

The three remaining girls snickered into their hands. "Kelly, you really need to slow down the temperament," replied Rachel.

"Speaking of temperament," said Saki. "Did you guys see the latest episode of Bleach?"

"Damn, that was amazing," Kelly said. "Byakuya sure showed that Espada a thing or two. Besides, I still say the best character is Byakuya."

"Are you kidding?! Jushiro could crush him if he wanted to that is," said Saki. "I mean he is 'far' older than most of the Captains."

"Why do you always fall for the white haired guys?" Kelly asked.

"Jushiro's hair isn't white, it's bleached," Rachel argued back.

"It's not bleached, he has an illness and he's totally hot! And Jushiro's gentle side is to die for," Saki replied, getting a dreamy look on her face.

"White, bleached, it's the same thing," Rachel told her friend.

"Oh please," Kelly rolled her eyes. "The tall, dark and handsome are the dreamiest ones. And Jushiro hasn't even shown his Bankai. At least Bya's has and his Bankai is soooo awesome."

The two continued to argue about who was cuter until the bus stopped at their stop. The four of them grabbed their bags and wanting to be courteous, they thanked the driver as they stepped off the bus. It only took them a few moments to arrive at the steps, leading to Kagome's family shrine. However the climb up was tough.

"****! How high up is this place? I'm getting tired," complained Kelly.

"We're almost there," said Keiko.

"Why don't we just use your demonic powers?" offered Saki.

"Because, people will then think it's strange and probably freak out," retorted Rachel.

Kelly felt wiped out by the time they had reached the top. The other three didn't look so bad, but were a bit tired. Normally a climb like that would not be a problem, but they were all wearing backpacks, which weighed them down more. Keiko, taking a quick look around saw no one was around.

"Ok guys, let's move!" she hissed, then using her demon speed to the well house, not wanting to get caught. The other three were quick to follow.

Reaching the small house, Keiko opened the door and quickly shut it as quietly as possible before the four descended the steps leading to the well.

"You mean to tell me, this tiny thing will take us to the past?" blinked Kelly

"Of course it will. Watch." Keiko jumped onto the lip before jumping into the well first. There was a bright light and she vanished.

"Keiko! Where did you go!?" Kelly called down into the well. There was no answer.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Said Rachel. Saki nodded to her friend and the two of them jumped in together, leaving Kelly to go last.

"Hey, wait for me!" She cried out, jumping into the well after her friends. Her feet only made a soft touch down landing when a sudden scream above her, brought her to her attention. Those screams, she knew, came from her friends. They needed her and fast. "What the hell!"

Kelly jumped from the well, arriving in a field in the middle of a forest known as Inuyasha's forest. There was no city around her, only lush green of leaves and grass. The air was even fresher than she ever thought was possible. Ignoring that, her sensitive nose picked up something that was completely foreign and frightening.

There before her was a large demon attacking her friends. The demon was like no other they had ever heard of before. It was huge and scary to boot, resembling that of a horse. But unlike a real horse, this thing was giant, with two heads. There was only one thing Kelly could do, join the fight. With the need to join, she would be able to put her demon powers to proper use as they were in a time and place where demons were often more supreme and humans feared them.

"Get away from my friends!" Kelly yelled, attacking. As she attacked some purple smoke exited out of her body. Unknown to Kelly or her friends, the smoke was actually known as miasma. A very powerful yet deadly substance for both humans and demons. As she attacked, the purple smoke touched the demon, killing it nearly immeidately upon touch. For normal users though, they would only release a minimal amount, but for Kelly, she released a lot. It only left a huge pile of bones behind, leaving all that remained of the creature.

Over nearby a tree, demon in a bamboo pelt stood, watching with intrigued interest. The moment the fight was over, he smiled, bringing out his hands to clap in slow, mocking manner. "Well done. I congratulate you, on destroying that demon so easily." His eyes was staring at one of them in particular. Kelly.

Kelly alerted her gaze to the man, "And who are you supposed to be?"

"Oh my, Kelly. Don't you remember who I am?" He asked her, surprised, but kept that quietly to himself. He finally found her.

"No, who are you?" She asked him.

The man known as Naraku smirked, 'She doesn't remember being my incarnation. This means she doesn't remember what happened either.' His mind drifted back to a memory of the last time he saw her.


Inside of Naraku's castle, there were noises coming from inside a room where a woman was mixing some potions together to be able to test them on some bugs called Saimyosho, for Naraku. Kelly was testing some powerful potent green liquid on the insects to see if she could make them bigger. Working on trying to be careful, Kelly was doing her best to be sure she didn't put too much in or there would be an explosion.

Unfortunately, just at that same time, Naraku decided to enter the room, unannounced like he often did. He never needed to announce himself. He was the Lord of the castle.

"Kelly!" Naraku called.

The sound of his voice startled her, causing her body to react, which was not normal for her to do. As she jerked, too much was poured in, creating an unstable substance. She could feel the jar she was holding, slowly vibrating, which wasn't good.

"Master," she said, sounding completely serious. "Get out. This is going to explode."

His eyes widened, looking to the jar in her hand, seeing it visibly shake. "Release it!"

"If I do it will explode," she pointed out. "But she knew it was going to explode and she wanted to save his life above her own.

In a move faster than she thought, he was right beside her, trying to get it out. But the second his hand touched it, the vibration was too much and the glass exploded, creating a blast. He was knocked back, against the door while she went sailing in the other direction.

Unfortunately for Kelly when her body hit the wall, she caused another chain reaction. Her back smashed into a shelf of other potions, shattering all the jars, combing all the liquids, creating a second explosion.

Naraku had just enough time to look up in time to see Kelly shielded her eyes before he was forced to as well. As the explosion occurred, the entire room lit in a white light. For a split second, he thought he saw a flash of light that looked a bit like the Shikon Jewel.

After the explosion Naraku looked everywhere. But Kelly was nowhere to be found, at all. With no body, he believed Kelly must have died in the explosion, leaving nothing left. Naraku sighed, now he'd have to make another incarnation to replace Kelly, if he could, but that would take years.

(End flashback)

'I wasn't able to make another until recently after gathering shards of the shikon jewel,' he thought. 'For 50 years, I tried but failed. I have Kanna and Kagura but never could become what you were and now I have you back. My best and loyal servant. That explosion had transported her somewhere and from her clothing, to where ever Kagome comes from. But she doesn't remember me.' Naraku decided to be truthful to her, "I am known as Naraku. You are my incarnation."

Rachel blinked. "Incarnation?"

"Oh I know this!" blurted Keiko.

"What?" Kelly gasped. "Wait a minute. I studied that in school. Incarnation means a body was made by the tissues of a donor." Kelly asked him.

"And according to him," Saki thumbed in his direction. "You came from him."

"That's right," said Naraku. These girls were pretty smart.

"What do you want?" Keiko demanded, getting the attention of the other girls. The four immediately went into a defensive position, ready to defend themselves if Naraku were to attack them.

"I am not here to fight you, merely to warn you." He reaches out, grabbing Kelly before the others could blink.

"Hey! Bastard!" Rachel cried out, running in to attack the guy, but some purple smoke got in the way. It was the same fog Kelly had released a short time ago.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. My miasma could kill you," said Naraku's voice from deep within the miasma. "As you just witnessed with that demon Kelly just killed."

"But what about Kelly?" Saki asked.

"As we've already established, she's my incarnation. This miasma, has no effect on her. Now do as I say or your friend here will come to a sticky end. Meaning of course, I will have to kill her," Naraku ordered. He of course wouldn't really kill her. Kelly was his best incarnation after all. But they didn't need to know that.

Kelly tried to scream out for help, but couldn't. Naraku had a very tight grip on her with his hand covering her mouth, making it impossible to cry out. Where she was completely engulfed in the miasma, her friends couldn't see her. Tears ran ran down her cheeks as she thought, 'Oh no! What am I going to do! He's going to use my friends to do his dirty work. I..I'm scared! What is he planning to do with me?' Naraku's grip was tight enough, she barely could breath, eventually causing her to pass out from lack of oxygen. Her unconscious, Naraku was able to lift her up into his arms, bridal style, hands resting on her belly.

"Fine! What do you want us to do?" Keiko asked the man, very angry. And she had every right to be so. There weren't many things that made her angry. But this was one of them. When her friends were threaten that was Keiko's 'pissed off' button.

"I want you to get rid of two people for me who are in my way, ruining all my plans. One of them is a half demon known as Inuyasha. The other is his full blooded demon half brother, Sesshomaru," he explained.

"And how are we to find them?" Rachel wondered as she questioned him.

"Inuyasha is with a group of three humans and two demons. One of the humans is called Kagome. She is wearing an outfit very much like what you three are wearing. She can sense out jewel shards." Naraku threw one over to Keiko, "If you are holding one, the group will seek you out."

"Kagome!" Rachel blurted. She was in the past?

"I've heard of the jewel in class," said Saki, remaining calm of hearing about her classmate.

"So have I," said Rachel. The jewel had been mentioned in the girls' history class.

"And how do we find Sesshomaru?" Keiko asked him.

"He's with a little girl called Rin and a priestess by the name of Sakura. Both girls have long black hair. There is also a huge two headed demon with them known as Ah-Un and a toad called Jaken. Now you should be able to carry this out." As he said that, the miasma vanished. After it was completely gone Naraku was nowhere to be seen. He had vanished without a trace with Kelly.

(Keiko, Rachel and Saki belong to Lady1Venus. I take no credit.)

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