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Do you guys have someone who nags you the whole time? Knocking on the door, telling you to get out, saying you take too long (if that's the case)?

I can't shower in peace. Right now we have to bathe, too (plumbers are installing the shower today - yay!) and baths take me easily twice as long as showers. Have any women ever tried to shave everywhere in the bath? You just can't reach certain parts 'cause the bath is too small and squishes your body together! And straightening out only submerges the parts that need to be shaved, so that doesn't work either.

And then there's, "HURRY UP. I GOTTA GET IN THERE." We don't even have a toilet installed yet, so no idea what the rush was this time 'round! I've taken two baths since last Friday (hateee them so bad) and they've both taken a good 40-50min.
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