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This is basically a Nuzlocke challenge (which we have already in addition to a Randomized version) with additional rules for what you can and can't catch/use. Might want to go back to the drawing board with this if you want people to join.
It got through approval though. I approved it because the way the rules are in the normal Nuzlocke, this couldn't just be added on because in regular Nuzlocke, you have to catch the first thing you find. In this one, it's single-types only and you'd have to keep walking around until you find the first single-typed Pokemon. So the rules clashed in that sense. I normally don't approve spin off nuzlockes, but the difference with those is that their rules can be incorporated easily with the rules that are already there. This one can't.

Let's not drag this on though, please. It's a bit rude to tell him that after it already got through me anyway.
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