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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Pokemon Center

    "Yes... that is what I hear." Lucia said to Brian. "Though Roberto will have a good match then."

    As mark healed up his pokemon and a ghost came out... supposedly being alright with Brian, Roberto got ready for battle. Ghosts were tricksters, they all were. He had to expect Snype pulling tricks in battle such as falling down and acting like he had fainted, or perhaps using Confuse Rays on him or doing something else to get him unbalanced. He would have to be cautious about this, Protect was the key to this battle, but at the same time if he used it too much then the more powerful attacks would no doubt get through his defenses. Okay... so what did he know about the little cretin? Well... nothing really. He put on a good facade as a caring guy, he had to admit that. Roberto knew deep down inside though that he could have all sorts of tricky moves. He had to prepare for the worst, which had to be moves that could cause confusion.

    Lucia nodded as Mark once more let Snype out. Mark... this will be too easy, she thought. "You ready then Mark?"

    Roberto immediately fell into his battle position, spreading his legs just a bit to get him a boost when he jumped forward. His wings were out and ready to flap to give him an extra boost. He knew his Hyper Beam would be no good against the ghost, he would have to use his other attacks. He glanced over at Lucia, "Lucia, this will be my battle alone." He made the appropriate signals with the sign language that all Red Legion knew.

    In turn Lucia smiled, "Mark... it seems Roberto wants to battle Snype one on one, without my aid. Is this alright with you?"
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