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    Firstly I really love Breloom! He's one of my fave grass types. How could someone not like him?

    Now for the point of the message lol. Sadly despite having been playing pokemon through all it's generations, I have never been able to get Wifi to work on my DS. Not at my old house, not at my new house, and not at Uni So I really just battle in the battle Frontier.

    I did get the chance to do online battling once though, but it was using a friends team so it wasn't the same. Legendaries can be over-powerful, but as people catch them at late levels, they do not get the chance to EV train them properly, and they can be beaten by well trained Pokemon. I understand it must be frustrating, I thought so too at first, but if you breed and EV train a pokemon to it's full potential, and give it a really good move-set, you can beat them!

    However it has been almost a year since those few hours I spent online battling. I'm not sure what things are like now. Hopefully I will get to join the rest of you someday, when the Wifi is practically oxygen and you can get it wherever you go without any technical difficulties.
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