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    I wanted to write a fanfic of this idea, but I'm too lazy/busy to do it, so I'm posting it here.

    Basically, government is evil/tyrannical. Every powerful trainer (champion/E4/gym leaders) is a government puppet. The champion has ridiculous privileges which he can use and abuse arbitrarily. Only some citizens have access to education, Pokedexes and pokemon training in general. The rich constantly become richer and the poor poorer.

    OK, so you're the hero/heroine. You're a suburb kid who has no chance in hell of getting a starter and becoming a Pokemon trainer. One day you go for a walk in a mysterious cave that's near your village, and long story short, you end up getting befriended by a legendary Pokemon. (I thought the cave could have several areas-say forest, sea, rocks etc- and you could get a different legendary depending on where you'd chose to go.)

    The professor who lives next to you gives you is astounded, but he gives you his own old Pokedex and advises you to be careful because "the times are dark". Now technically, you fulfil the requirements to register for the Pokemon league.

    You soon find out that the Professor was right. The gym leaders use a reasonable team (like the ones they use in the regular games) for the upper class kids whose parents are affiliated with evil government, but they use much more difficult teams (like the ones they use in hacks ;-) ) for everyone else. Noone has ever beaten the beefed up teams before. Moreover, nobody dares to protest about the situation.

    Yeah... that's as far as I've thought, to be honest. I was sort of thinking you could make some friends along the way and organize a rebellion. You could use your influence as a champion to give hope to people and make them believe it's possible to overthrow the government since a regular kid like you became champion and blah blah. But if someone decides to do this, you'll have to use your own imagination from now on :/
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