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Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
True, otherwise it would have just evolved in Generation I. It's not like an item that has done nothing for it in the past will just suddenly start working. I'm kind of hoping for just a strange evolution method that isn't really either item or location. I liked that rumor for which Pokémon it was (Pancham maybe) of turning the 3DS upside down so the gyroscope recognizes it and evolves it. Something wacky like that would be really cool, plus it'd definitely be an evolution method that the games could explore and use Eevee as the guinea pig for.
This is going to sound really stupid (and forgive me for this but)....

..Back in R/S/E, Feebas was the first and pretty much only Pokemon of it's kind to evolve by enhancing a beauty stat of some sort. Not that I'm saying that those stats have to exist again (they were a pain to maintain, I know. x_x), but it'd be nice for Eevee to evolve via competing at contests, which is just a passing thought in my mind, I suppose. Something like that, like if it gets a certain ribbon, like Shivi said.

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