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Personally, what I'd like to see in the E4 (I don't know if I've mentioned this before) is different strategies being used for each E4 member. How to explain this...I know that they're just AIs, but I kind of actually wanted a challenge, y'know? I find that the E4, to me, is barely even a huge challenge anymore, and that the only challenge I have to look forward to is the Champion. Like, I dunno, make the E4 in this generation just about as difficult as the Gym Leaders/E4 in the Pokemon World Tournament, something like that. That's what I personally call a challenge, anyway. xD;

Like (for those of you who follow competitive) one E4 member would use some sort of stall team, another would use bulky offense, another would use heavy offense, and one would use weather (lol), something like that, I guess.

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