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    I'll have to play LoG sometime.

    Anyway, my favorites:

    Platinum enhanced: hack of platinum, the starters are Gible, Bagon and Dratini, fourth gen move split, greater difficulty.

    Dark Rising: hack of Fire Red. Dark storyline, MUCH greater difficulty (but unlimited lucky eggs and 2 vs seekers). Starters Gible, Bagon and Dratini :/

    Light Platinum: world championship, completely different world, insane variety of Pokemon, OH MY GOD THE FREEBIES, lots of stuff to do. Hack of Ruby.

    Yet Another Firered Hack: a hack of Fire Red (duh) that doesn't get enough love, I think. 4th gen move split (anyone who does that gets my respect). I HAVE A METAGROSS AND A HYDREIGON AND- alright, alright.

    Pokemon Team Rocket Edition: hack of Pokemon Red where you play as a team rocket grunt. Starters Koffing, Ekans and Meowth.
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