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Originally Posted by AnonygooseD View Post
Err, okay.
But I must say I saw other people talking about their dream visions too you know...
I don't think he's saying that there's something wrong with discussing it, it's just not exactly a rumor. Rumors are generally coming from someone who claims to have a reliable source, or are some sort of in depth theory. An idea for a new Pokémon isn't exactly a rumor, it's just that, an idea. Especially when you reveal the source is a dream, it kind of takes the mystery out of it =P

On what you actually suggested though, I guess it's a cool concept, but I feel like a domino and a pair of dice are kind of a strange physical idea for a Pokémon. I guess I can kind of see it, going from a sort of thinner domino with maybe 3 dots on it, then evolving into the dice where it becomes bigger, and both of them have a three on them? No clue really =P
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