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    Hey all, new here, just wondering if any of you guys could give me some input as to how I should change my team around (and trust me, I know it needs changing.
    Here is my team as it currently stands:
    Lv. 75 Arcanine
    Lv. 80 Lucario
    Lv. 78 Serperior
    Lv. 78 Black Kyurem
    Lv. 62 Haxorus (Shiny)
    Lv. 65 Sandslash (Shiny)
    (I'm currently working my way through Black Tower to get my Shiny Gible.)

    I think I'd like to keep Arcanine, Lucario, and Serperior because they've been with me since the beginning, and maybe keep the Haxorus because I've heard they're good and it looks like a BAMF.
    The only real reason I have Kyurem is because I needed a Flyer, and he's also pretty cool. And the reason I have Sandslash is because he was my legit shiny catch. I want a good water type though...

    Any suggestions are welcome, please and thank you.