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Hey CCP peeps, as you might know, Chit Chat & Polls has a weekly competition called the Poll of the Week, where we pit the 5 most interesting threads created in a particular week to fight for your vote to become that week's "Poll of the Week". This competition's latest run has lasted approximately 5 months now, and while it started off fairly well, it's common knowledge that voting nowadays has been very sparse. If I recall correctly, the last PotW had only 3 voters.

Andy and I had a discussion over the PotW's fate recently, and two main points came to mind: one; the main purpose of PotW was to give the then Other Voting Poll's section some excitement, since it then lacked the DCC and other goodies since the transition to Chit Chat & Polls. With the additions of all these goodies, it seems that the PotW competition idea has become rather moot.

However, we also know that the PotW was brought back in the first place because several users requested that it be brought back. We don't know where these people are now, but if they still are here, we don't want to throw out the competition, not when it can still be considered something worth having around.

Here's where you guys come in; we want to know what you think should be the PotW's fate. Do you think that we should still keep it around, or should it be let go and why? Any criticisms with how the competition is run is also acceptable. If you do want to keep it around, any recommendations for ideas would be greatly appreciated, and any tips would be appreciated in general. We're going to use the feedback we receive to come up with a final verdict on the PotW competition.

Feel free to post your feedback in this thread, or if you have to, PM either Andy (Shining Raichu) or myself, preferably both of us. Thank guys!

Edit: Oh, I nearly forgot, the emblem. I assure you guys, there is an emblem, and the winners will receive it. The problem is that Andy's the one who's working on it, but he's had some issues IRL that makes it so that he can barely access the internet. For that reason, the emblem has yet to be uploaded to the emblems list, so as of right now, we still can't hand them out. There will be one soon, though, trust me!

EDIT 2: This thread is now officially expanded to general section feedback! So let us know how we're doing and if there's anything you'd like to see changed, etc etc. Thanks for posting!
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