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    Rosalyn Smith

    "Pid! Rosie! Where are you?!" Rosalyn heard Dex call out and she stood quickly a little too quickly letting out a cry of pain as she put to much pressure on her injured ankle. She would have fallen if she hadn't grabbed onto the tree behind her, and Swampy helping her keep her balance with his tail.

    "thanks" she murmured before calling out. "Over here! are you okay Dex!" she was worried he had gotten hurt when he had led the Golett away from her. If he was hurt she would feel really bad. "Find him and lead him her Jazz" she said to her Wartortle. Jazz nodded up at her and he turned away going off quickly in the direction Dex's voice came from and when he found the boy Jazz tugged on his pants leg pointing in the direction that he had come from.

    Oerba Dia Vanille

    Vanille giggled into her hand as the boys both still blushing madly ran off after the Ghastly that had fainted came back to the boys. Good job Merida she thought smiling. "Well Prince, that tactic still works" she giggled even more looking at the Buneary who shook his head. "Let's go find Merida" she smiled turning and walking off Prince following her. She may have to use Pokeballs to catch Pokemon but she never would make them stay in them. Entering the Pokemon Center she smiled as Merida met her at the door.

    "Great job Merida" she grinned giving a poffin to the Skitty. "Now show us to the room that Ghastly was in" she followed Merida down the hallway and into the room were to her surprise was the girl she had brought in earlier, and she was awake now. "Oh goody your awake." Vanille grinned more. "I hope your okay. There were two boys using a Ghastly to give you nightmares...but I took care of them"

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