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"I agree with Ezra here, I'm in no condition for round two at all."

Daniel had a certain charm about him. When the older man patted him on the back, his hand fit on the youngsters shoulder perfectly like a missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle. Ezra couldn’t help but blush. It was the first time since hed left New Bodhum that someone had touched him. It was a foreign, yet friendly feeling.

Once Daniel removed his hand, he must have barely taken notice of the scratch on his chest. The man walked over to his bag and removed his blood-stained shirt. Ezra tried not to stare, but was left helpless against his magnetism—his curiosity getting the better of him yet again. His eyes trailed up and down, examining his chiseled body. It was then that Ezra saw the mans brand. I must have one as well…

It didn’t take long for the brunette to find his brand. It was placed on his upper left arm, slightly hidden by the rolled up sleeve of his blue button up. By that time, Daniel had reapproached the group, clad in a fresh t shirt. "It looks like, other than the bear of a man, you two are fairly young," he said. "I know you're a soldier. But what about you Ezra? Are you a runaway or something? You can't be older than 18, no way." Daniel was right. Ezra only was seventeen, but had the maturity of someone well above his age. "If you are,” Daniel continued, “don't worry about it, I ran away as well."

Aurora willingly revealed her age, telling, "I know how you feel Ezra. I'm only 18 just barely too." She continued on, stating how all four of us were l’Cie. She pointed out her brand again, causing Ezra to place his right hand over his own. She then explained how this was a Fal’Cies doing and how it granted us "magical and physical powers, as well as a focus we must complete. I'd reckon we all have the same focus since we were marked at the same time by the same Fal'Cie..."

It was then when things went from bad to worse.

Aurora had been interrupted by a loud beeping sound. “Aurora here leader, what is it?” she stated.

“Well Aurora, the sun has gone out, the people are in a panic. The Shadow has announced that l'Cie have been marked and are the cause of it. The Guardian Corps have been ordered to find them.”

”L-Leader...people have been over their fears for 20 years.” Her voice stuttered, fear strangling her vocal cords.

“I know, I was there when it all started. But we have our orders, and if the l'Cie are behind it we will get them.”

“I'm sorry leader...I can't do that. Aurora Out. The corps member then proceeded to smash her com unit under her boot, shattering it to pieces. "We have to get out of here now. Taejin is closest. Plus it's a very small village. We should be alright there. Though it will take a few days. We're all sticking together. I know I'm not the oldest, but I am a soldier and I will give any orders I deem necessary"

“It looks like were all runaways now,” Ezra said. Though his voice was calm, there was sadness in his eyes. He thought of his parents and wondered how they would react to the news. Would they be shocked? Hardly. Happy? It was a possibility. Sad? Ezra wasn’t sure. But one thing he was sure of was that he had to either complete his focus or be doomed to the life of a Cie’th.
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