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The Sci-Fi Like Future

Update #1

-Start my adventure, I speak with Professor Birch will say that my name is KWINX
-I choose torchict and call Him Pio
-realize the whole issue of "May" Back to the lab
-talk with the Professor and gives me some poke balls
-My mother gift me slippers and I say Good bye for a while
-go my way to Route 102 where I capture Raltz Call him Psycho
-Griding Psyco till lvl 12 it takes me some time
-get to Petalburg City ... Release Pio
-I enter the gym, I talk to my dad and wally, helped wally to capture his Raltz
-go my way to Route 104 where he fought with some Trainer before entering the forest, Psycho now is level 15
-I enter the forest, fought with Trainer and some wild Pokes Here, I defend The worker Of Devon S.A and go my way to Route 104, With Psycho at 17 Done for now.
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