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Thanks for the luck GTD

Originally Posted by Poldie View Post
Is it also possible to do it in saphire? And does a ds action replay work for this as well? Never really used my action replay... :p

I might make mew as shiny contest then. And eventualy clone one for myself( or isn't That legit?) :D

Gratz on all the new shinies guys. Still workig on cobalion with 2900 SR's so far .
Nope, unfortunately this event was only ever released for Japanese Emeralds, but with an action replay you can get it on English ones. I don't know about the DS replay, I don't actually own one myself, but here's the link to the code:

As far as I know most people consider cloning legit including me, but will let you know if they don't
Hope you get Cobalion soon!

I'm at 2950-ish eggs so far. I'm going to be out a lot of today, but I'm off school until next Monday, so I will hopefully get Eevee within a week.
Latios Master, how many eggs have you hatched for Litwic??

EDIT May 26th: 3100 eggs!

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