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I take naps if I haven't slept enough the night before. Like today. Was at work until 11:30pm last night, came home, had to take a bath (shower is not working atm) and eventually went to bed at 2am. Had to get up at 5am to leave at 6am (in 20min) to be at work around 6:15... I start at 7am, but it's the latest my dad can get me there because he works at 7am, too lol and his work is wayyy on the othhherrr side of town so he has to factor in his own travel time.

So I'll probably take a nap tonight, in all honesty, plus go to bed early.

I don't like napping, though. It shocks my stomach into feeling really, really disgusting. Can't eat and stuff; it's like my tummy is "shut down" and doesn't wake up until well after the fact so I try to avoid that. Plus, it startles my heart, too, and just overall makes me feel like crap instead of the nice&refreshed.
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