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    Originally Posted by Cheesecake(GlassTheDragon) View Post
    My mareep hunt now at 8819 REs from when i got ratatta so 1419 more REs I'm not expecting anything to soon and my swinub hunt is now @ day 10 lol swinub stop hiding and show your grey self .I'm gonna hunt like a madman for these next 3 days I have off to get these 2 hunts over and done with have to study all next week for my finals T.T.

    Good luck on the cobalion and eevee hope they both shine really soon and the mew sounded like a good idea but i guess it isn't happening?
    Thanks, hope cobalion Will shine soon :-)

    As of mew, if I can find a way to get the old sea map and get the event working to get to fareway island, the competition Will be a fact.
    But at the momment I don't see a way to do it.
    I do have a flash card where I could put the save data and game on to SR tho. But the cheats on the web are not working on the emulator and I don't have an original copy of emerald or action replay for GBA.

    If anyone knots a way let me know :-)

    Good luck on mareep and swinub btw :-)


    I got the 4 tickets for the event pokémon in Emerald now .
    Only Problem is: I have to beat the game first before I can use them .
    a question tho: If i activate the events with a cheat code on a emulator, will they still be activated when I copy the game= save data to a flashcard? :D
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