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@theroguewriter: Congrats on the shiny metapod!

@MrWasabii: Welcome! And congrats on your shiny treecko!

@TSE: Congrats on the shiny totodile! I think I already congratulated you... but I'll do so here too. xD

@GlasstheDragon: Welcome! That's quite the list of shinies. O_O

@Poldie: That's a nice challenge! I would participate. :]

@Spritingyoshi22: Congrats on the roselia and bidoof! Have you joined the Shiny Hunting Challenge yet? If not, you should since you're already doing a badge quest! :D

@simplysam: Welcome!

@C Dillinger: Welcome!

@Iceman3317: Welcome back! And congrats on the shiny torchic!

@Kirozane: Oh man, that's so irritating! :( I don't know how your game could glitch to make your rival's pokemon shiny? Was it supposed to be yours?

@Lady Demoonica Darkmoon: Welcome back and congrats on the shiny bouffalant!

@fishyfins: Congrats on the shiny totodile!

@Razor302: Welcome back!

Sorry if I missed anyone with welcomes and congrats! I tried but I had quite a few pages to catch up on. Everyone who hasn't joined the Shiny Hunter Challenge and is doing a badge quest should do that! :D

Now that people have been talking about SRing for starters in X&Y I think I will too! @_@; I'm so excited for it to come out! I hope we can see if they're shiny before we pick them like in SS/HG.

I've been SRing for a shiny chimchar myself... I stopped counting how many because I'm on vacation out of state and I didn't bring my calculator with me. I was hoping I would get it before I was off vacation but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen since I head home tomorrow morning... but who knows. Today is a relax day so I don't have much to do other than SR. x3

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