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"Disregarding orders from a superior are we?" I laughed, "Going through your rebellious stage are ya?" I sighed, I was never one to enjoy the towns on pulse and alike, though now I didn't have a choice. They would shun me either way. "Great birthday present." I mumbled.

I stretched my arms, "Well theres nothing we can do now except follow your orders huh. Considering you know the most out of all of us, I'll gladly allow you to be the leader." I looked her in the eye, "Though I will not mindlessly follow you, I reserve the right to have my own orders." I looked at Ezra, I could see he wasn't too happy about the news. I didn't say anything, though I did sigh in empathy.

I looked at Godbane, then shrugged, "Consider it a nickname then." I put my pack on and started walking toward the town, "I'm bored of waiting and chatting we should move along." I said over my shoulder. I have no idea what I've gotten myself into.
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