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    Charlotte (Charlie) Hunter – Atlantean Royal Mansion, Boston, England
    Charlie’s goodbye to her parents had been short and stone faced, which from the outside looked rather callus. Yet as they hugged briefly, a few fleeting farewells being exchanged, Charlie knew that their blank expressions were only a façade. An odd tactic often used by her parents to ensure that their daughter remained happy with her choice and though this was often effective, the illusion of detachment was broken in the final moments of departure when Charlie had turned to wave, only to see her mother’s silver lined eyes.

    The remainder of the journey north was then spent day dreaming and staring out the window, passing the time by musing over different fantastical images, all trying to predict what the academy would be like. At first it had been simple, starting with a school then a university followed by mansion and finally concluding with Hogwarts.

    However, every now and then Charlie would break from her daydreams and flash furtive glances towards Justin, training her eyes on his facial expressions as to try and catch any signs of pain. The wound now concealed under his shirt, though hidden from the eye was probably still very much there and probably very much painful which bugged Charlie. She did not like the idea of her travelling companion being in pain and so as a result she had taken to these half hourly check-ups, just in case she needed to step in. Yet as more time passed and with little more than a flinch to go off Charlie began to relax. The young man seemed well enough, not showing any signs of paling from blood loss at least.

    As the final train came to stop, Charlie found herself in Boston and herded into a familiar looking black BMW. With a smooth purring as the key was turned in the ignition , the car slid out of the station began their trip back towards Charlie’s new home, the time passed quickly with Justin filling her in with details about the grounds and the species of trees he had used to populate them with. Yet regardless of these details, nothing could have prepared her for the real thing.

    Pulling onto the gravelled drive, Charlie’s lips formed a perfect ‘O’ as she leaned forward onto the dashboard to take in the building’s grandeur. Her eyes widening ever so slightly as to soak in the rolling hills and wooded groves of the grounds, to the tall squared off mansion. Though admittedly a little part of her was let down by the lack of a lake and spiralling towers.

    Her awe was quelled quickly however, as the car stopped and she was ushered out and into the house, the following events happening quickly. Justin had led her to the upper most floor of the mansion and shown to her room, marked by a small plaque with her name engraved into the mental. Here she dumped her belongings and was allowed a quick inspection of her room. It was small, but big enough to allow for the basics which Charlie was glad to see. Anything fancy and she would have been afraid to even go in the room for fear of breaking something.

    Following that, Justin then showed her to the dining room, Charlie ceasing this opportunity to grab some food and rather large cup of coffee before their hour long wait began, only ending with the appearance of the other students, each in turn arriving two by two. The first was River and Minerva, a pretty blond girl. Charlie learning their names from a mixture of eaves dropping, polite smiles and a somewhat awkward wave on her part. The next to arrive was Katerina, following in her wake a rather anxious looking boy called Kim. Both of the women whom had lead their students in however, did not stay and left soon after their company had been seated.

    The last to arrive were Antonia and Austin, Justin announcing their arrival with a cool, calm tone, though his facial expressions now showed his fatigue. Charlie nodded towards the pair in greeting, though she strongly doubted her small actions would have been noticed by any, as when she did this Justin began to speak, beginning an introductory speech and tour.

    When at last Charlie found herself back in the dining room, Justin inquiring as to if there were any questions, Charlie simply shook her head and slid back down into one of the seats. She was tired and though she knew she should have been excited, she wasn’t. A long swim in the swimming pool and then an early night was all that Charlie truly wanted. So withholding her tongue, she left her questions for whenever she could ask Jason directly without company. Her queries on how the academy actually trained its students and their powers could wait a little while longer.

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