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I made our first sprite! n_n;

  • Name : Entomeon (Een-tom-eon)
  • Type : Bug
  • Ability : Swarm
  • Classification : The Swift Insect Pokemon
  • Gender Ratio : 50% 50%
  • Flavor Text : Entomeon evolves from Eevee through use of a Sun Stone. Entomeon uses the stinger at the end of its tail to stun and damage its prey.
  • Base Stats
    • HP : 110
    • Attack : 95
    • Defense : 70
    • Special Attack : 50
    • Special Defense : 50
    • Speed : 100
    • TOTAL : 475

What do ya'll think?

@ Slender : Just be careful with your design cause one of our starters is a Fire type rabbit-esque creature. Definitely don't stop with what you're doing cause I want to see it, but just make sure you reference our starter so they're not too similar.

@ BeefTaco : Thanks! Them surely you'll like the sprite I hope! :3

Gonna update the first post today with your assignments, so be on the look out! Also gonna take the time to make it look super cool. This project is awesome, and it deserves to be introduced in an awesome way. n_n;
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