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Great job guys! :]

I love that legendary bird, BeefTaco. It's monochromatic color scheme really makes it stand out from our other designs.

Also, Slender, do you have a name for your little guy? Cause it reminds me of these things :


So maybe Wiloette or something like that would be a cute name? :3


  • Name : Antaeon
  • Type : Ground
  • Ability : Sand Veil
  • Classification : The Mud Armor Pokemon
  • Gender Ratio : 50% 50%
  • Flavor Text : Antaeon can pass through solid rock surfaces and disappear without a trace. The orange collar around its neck is used as an antenna to pick up vibration waves while in the ground.
  • Base Stats
    • HP : 90
    • Attack : 60
    • Defense : 110
    • Special Attack : 40
    • Special Defense : 110
    • Speed : 55
    • TOTAL : 465
Haha, no but really, are we all cool with sticking with this design? I changed it up a bunch but I think I preserved the spirit of the evolution. Golurk, your input would be helpful! :D
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