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    Originally Posted by GoldenRayquaza View Post
    I get it, okay? Listen, I was a inexperienced trainer when I battled him, and I had no idea he was the Kanto League champion and all that stuff when I posted this. (I pretty much have no knowelge about the original games) When I think about it better, the answer is no. PS. I was not the person who picked Yes in the poll.
    Ah, don't take their feedback as if they were bashing on you lol. In my opinion, Red was a very difficult trainer and he'll always put us on our toes when we're up against him. One of the things that I saw unfair was the adventure up Mt. Silver. I had to leave behind 1-2 essential teammates behind in order to use my HM slaves.

    But, considering Red being such a challenge is a good thing. That makes your victory that much sweeter and as you get better .. Red will become an experience in the past just as he has become for most of us.
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