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    Hello, and welcome to my first fan-fiction, The Great Pokemon War. Now, i'm not going to search through every post, looking if this name was used before, but if it was please inform me. Well, I hope you guys enjoy, and i'll try and get 1, maybe 2 chapters a week. It will be in the POV of a pokemon btw.
    This is a story from a long time ago. Before pokeballs. Before great civilizations. But when people and pokemon first interacted. This is a time where people didn't use pokemon as friends, but as slaves, resources, or even food. Pokemon how ever began to revolt. The first pokemon "civilization" was lead by a young, but wise Kadabra. This is that civilization's story.
    Chapter 1-
    Today I woke up in the place that we all had to sleep, because those monsters. One of our most honorable people, Diglett, built these tunnels we call home. We aren't slaves, we're animals. Well, you might be asking about me. I am a simple Growlithe. Our king, Kadabra has trained me good, to attack those fiends. We are planning to attack them as soon as everyone has helpful skills. Kadabra taught me to spit fire or as he said "Ember" and slash people with my claws, which he called "Scratch". Now, why can't we just destroy their whole slave camp? Because they have highly trained guards, trained under a man named "Silver". But, those guards can't stop Kadabra's special ability. Sadly, no one inside the camps will help us, Kadabra has visited them many times, asking why they won't. Their only response is "The master will punish us if you fail". They think our army, of highly trained individuals will fail? Rubbish we say, every time Kadabra comes back with the same info. But, Kadabra says he knows the ways of the monsters. He was once one, his name was "Gold". One day, he woke up being dragged out of his bed and thrown in the mines, because of what he was.
    I hope you guys liked my first attempt at a fanfic.
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