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    Two days had passed in little more than a blur of time and faces, and Arthur still felt he barely knew anyone yet. He had gotten over his newbie nerves quickly, helped by the majority of people being friendly types. Just another college. Time would tell which among the students he'd traded small-talk with would become friends. And, he mused with a rueful smile at himself, hopefully whoever was in charge of housekeeping would forgive his night-time accidents. In the middle of the first night he'd awoken to find himself in the remains of his mattress, whose split and distorted fabric and bedsprings had shaped themselves to his body during dreams of his mutant awakening. The second morning had greeted him with handprints in his headboard. Smoothing those had taken a little patience, but it would be hard to tell the damage at a glance. Switching to pencils after his first pen ruptured, getting ink all over his jotter and fingers, so far had gained him a new collection of three now surreally-shaped conversation starters.

    During his downtime he'd spent a little effort seeing what he could affect with his power. He'd made some recognisable if misshapen animals out of small glass tumblers, and the odd fork had become a simple spanner, flat-head screwdriver or tiny hammer; familiar things. Making literal stick figures out of twigs had been the easiest. The wood behaved interestingly, for one thing. Fibrous at first, he had found it compacted slightly into something much like plastic. It also remained relatively lightweight and strong, less prone to shattering or bending like glass and metal.

    The corridors of the mansion weren't as busy today as on Arthur's first. Or seemed not to be. He walked an easy pace towards class, unhurried in the least in the minutes before his orientation got underway. People nodded as they passed, some smiled, but he noted that there were a few shifted glances and suddenly hushed remarks traded as he went out of earshot. Word had obviously gotten around about his power, and with that, speculation of the hazards. He'd given one girl a fright, too, when she had approached him the second day asking if he could improve her ... assets. The oddity of the question out of the blue as it was had surprised him for a moment before his pointing out the pain involved, and then asking where about her he could move mass from in the first place, had sent the startled girl hurrying away. Anyway, in his opinion she hadn't needed much improvement.

    His musing was cut short when he neared his classroom door, it slightly ajar and closing on a sprung hinge. Good. He'd not be the first to arrive it seemed, awkward in an empty space with just the teacher and himself. He reached the door just as it clicked shut, so took a moment to straighten his pale blue T-shirt and jeans, check his trainers for dirt, set his bag over his shoulder and then turn the handle and go inside.

    Two of the seats had been filled by apparent classmates, two guys who he guessed could be his age. Arthur didn't remember meeting them around the mansion but that wasn't unusual even in a real school. Mainstream school, he mentally reminded himself. The air above one was occupied by a whorl of water, clearly having something to show off. The other seemed to be trying to become one with his seat, hunched and slid forwards in the chair. Scanning his eyes back to the front of the class he had to focus rather hard on the figure stood against the big whiteboard occupying the far wall. She, as her figure told the primal parts of his brain, was like staring at a high-contrast segment of video much like an iPod advert in negative; where her suit ended was just black, head- and hand-shaped space. The air around her outline dimmed like a shadow, the effect deepening the nearer to her it got. It made looking at her hard, Arthur's brain struggling to slot the overall effect into something that made sense. It took only a second or two for him to realise this was his teacher. He cleared his throat and put on a friendly if respectful smile.

    "Afternoon ma'am," he said and took a seat nearer the slouched lad at his right, though with an empty desk between them both.
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