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    Originally Posted by SKRON View Post
    But..I tried to set Bulbasaur to 1 in the regional as well as the national in Ruby. It didn't work. When you say duplicate..what exactly do you mean?
    He said something like what I said in one of my posts.

    Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    Actually, even I don't really know how it works but, I think it works in the opposite way like setting for example, you want Bulbasaur to be #1 in regional dex, try setting him to #1 on the national dex. That's how I think it works. Oh, if that doesn't work. Try it again in the usual way you should do it, not the one I stated above and make sure, if you made Bulbasaur #1 in regional dex, swap his place with Treecko, the original #1 in the regional dex.

    You know like for example:
    #1 Treecko => #203 Bulbasaur (Not sure) will be
    #1 Bulbasaur => #203 Treecko.