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    Originally Posted by EpicJackman View Post
    But I keep an eye on it. Me gusta this game.
    <3 I have good news for you then, there's a new beta available now!


    Almost exactly a year after my first game's first beta release, the fourth beta for JoP is available for the player! I recommend starting a new game if you haven't gotten very far as the beginning zone has new maps and although nothing else changed in that area, there are now vs screens and last pokemon messages on previously released Arena challenges.

    Speaking of the Arena, it is complete! Which is both good and bad. Seeing as how I can't battle on my laptop, I have no idea how I'm supposed to test the post story (which is the next step) without someone else's help. I could possibly provide a save for someone that would want to help me, or anyone that beat the arena up to the police call could help me test if they are willing to be patient with my lame internet (it likes to go out when i want to use it for more than random browsing >->)

    So, download the new version, share with your friends, help me if you want to, and do whatever else fans of fan games do! Although I do have times when I don't go on here for awhile... but i'm hoping to check in often otherwise you can always message my facebook page found in my signature. I'll probably work on my side project until this is out for awhile, no sense is setting up a post story if I can't test it or if I have to release bug fixs to 4.0 in the middle of it.

    Right, I'm going back to writing up the post story so it makes sense but isn't too cliche, I hope you enjoy the game I worked so hard on! I have a birthday to prepare for ;3
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