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    Originally Posted by Dragoon View Post
    Off Topic: For Items, from what I can see, to add an item, right click on a blank spot. Then just click on the highlighted area, then you get a selection option. Ta da. Also remember to alter the bag pocket for appropriate items.

    On Topic: These hacks are great. Nice difficulty. Good job!
    Thanks man. I honestly appreciate you helping out while I was gone. Oh, and thanks for tryin' out mah game. ^w^

    Originally Posted by digimonqueen View Post
    I STILL can't get it to work. i tried what you said, with the Right-Clicking, but all i got was a menu that said things like "Set Count", "Delete", and "Check/Uncheck Bag". NOWHERE did i find the selection option you are referring to. I'm using the latest version, V.3.1, so i'm not sure if that makes a difference. what do i do!?!?!? you're using it to edit items? I don't usually use Pokesav/Pokegen for dat purpose. I only use it to give mahself da National Dex at the beginning of the game. lol So, I dunno, I gotta look at it...
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