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    Of course! :D

    Pokemon:Magnezone (Magnemite
    Nickname (if want one):None
    Ability:Magnet Pull
    IVs:Hidden Power Ice
    Shiny:Whatever works
    Egg Moves: None I think?
    Hatch Location: White Forest
    EVs wanted:172 HP/252 Special Attack/88 Speed
    Final Moveset:Volt Switch/HP Ice/Thunder/Flash Cannon
    Level to level up to (Optional):100

    Pokemon: Toxicroak (Crogunk)
    Nickname (if want one):None
    Gender:Male preferred
    Ability:Dry Skin
    Shiny:Doesn't Matter
    Egg Moves:Not sure
    Hatch Location:White Forest
    EVs wanted:24 HP/ 252 Attack/ 232 Speed
    Final Moveset: Swords Dance/Drain Punch/Sucker Punch/Stone Edge
    Level to level up to (Optional): 100

    Appreciate the help EV. xD Been a HUGE help.
    Pokemon Sun FC: 4527-7867-1851
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