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    Levina ~ Below Cape City

    Levina stopped a ways from the opening to make sure that they weren’t seen by those on the surface. “I agree with you on having a plan but my expertise is in blink-of-an-eye assassinations. Not sneaking around. So what would be the plan? I could use my speed to take a quick look around see what is going on up there. Or you could go up there and then while they are focused on you I can come from behind them and kill them. Otherwise, Snype old buddy, we might have to split up for a bit.” Levina bent down to scratch her ear and then looked back at him. She knew they had a better chance of surviving if they stuck together but it would be hard because of their varying skills and abilities.

    Allora ~ Cape City

    Allora watched as many different Psychic Pokemon appeared and surrounded Scar. She wasn’t sure what they were doing exactly but she could tell that they were assaulting his mind. Accatosh was close by and seemed to be in a deep trance. ‘Was he helping the others? But Salamence don’t have any psychic abilities…’ Were the thoughts that rang out in Allora’s mind. She wanted to ask him what he was doing but didn’t want to break the trance he held.

    After watching the event unfold, and knowing that Scar was pretty much detained, Allora took a moment to sit and catch her breath. The sounds of battle continued to sound out across the city. Involved in one of those battles was Paladin; wherever he ran off to. Allora closed her eyes and focused her psychic abilities on the city. One by one she slowly started to pin-point the locations of the battles and who was involved in them. Eventually she found Paladin and the monster of a Pokemon he was up against. “I hope you’re alright. Be safe.” Allora implanted these words in his mind.